Nestle, one of the most evil corporations in the world that monopolizes local water supplies, sides with David Hogg, the teen tyrant who wants to take away your liberties

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The Fox News Channel has made its decision about what to do with Laura Ingraham who’s nightly show, “The Ingraham Angle,” has been targeted by a withering advertiser boycott called for by the Pravda media’s latest gun-control flavor of the month, young David Hogg.

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The network is backing Ingraham, just as it continued to back fellow network host Sean Hannity last year when the bullying Left attempted to get him thrown off the air for doing his job.

That said, a number of advertisers have bailed on Ingraham’s program, and all on the demand of a 17-year-old high school senior who has fit quite well in the Marxist Left’s bullying modus operandi.

One of the advertisers who has left “The Ingraham Angle” has less moral ground to stand on than young Mr. Hogg — Nestle, a company led by jerks who continued to pump California dry during the state’s recent drought while making outrageous profits selling its bottled water. (Related: Nutrish and other advertisers are kow-towing to an 18-year-old bully named David Hogg.)

Now granted, there isn’t much about California governance I agree with, but when a state is stuck in the middle of a punishing drought — especially when that state is responsible for more than half the produce consumed in the country — it should not have to endure the exploitation of existing clean water supplies by a corporate giant that is immune to “drought-shaming.”

As the Anti-Media reported in September 2015, Nestle paid a paltry $524 to extract some 27 million gallons of California drinking water from 12 freshwater springs in Strawberry Canyon for its Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring Water, a source that is on public land in a national forest.

And Nestle did not simply collect spring water. No. The company also scooped up some 51 million gallons of groundwater from the same region over a similar period of time.

As Natural News noted:

Further, there is an additional site where the company is draining water for profit as the state’s punishing drought endures: Deer Canyon. In 2014, Nestle drew 76 million gallons from springs there, a sizable increase over 2013’s draw of 56 million gallons, “and under circumstances just as questionable as water collection at Arrowhead,” the alternative news site reported.

In 2014, meanwhile, Nestle used about 705 million gallons of water for its operations in California, according to natural resource manager Larry Lawrence. In sum, that amounts to 2,164 acre-feet of water, or enough to irrigate 700 acres of farmland or fill 1,068 Olympic-sized swimming pools, as The Desert Sun newspaper reported.

As of that report, the company’s long-outdated permit had not been reviewed. Also, the Forest Service had not “examined the ecological effects of drawing tens of millions of gallons a year from the springs,” the Desert Sun reported.

The company had not a single shred of morality then, as profits were infinitely more important than ensuring Californians had enough drinking water to sustain them and their large agricultural operations so vital to the sustainment of our country.

Now, suddenly, because Laura Ingraham poked mild fun at young Mr. Hogg after 1) he willing took the Pravda media bait to become the country’s leading anti-gun talking head; and 2) he complained about being rejected from four (how’s this for irony?) California-based universities, the pinheads at Nestle have stumbled over their consciences?

I’m not buying it (or any Nestle products, for that matter). You can’t go from draining a region dry in the throes of a drought and not giving it a second thought to being “concerned” about your reputation overnight.

Rather, this is more about punishing a conservative voice than it is about ‘doing the right thing.’

Because doing the right thing would have happened years ago.

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