Florida’s medical police state abducts healthy three-year-old from parents for refusing unnecessary chemotherapy treatments

Another American family is facing a barrage of persecution from the corrupt medical establishment for refusing chemotherapy treatments for their three-year-old son, Noah – who doesn’t even have cancer, by the way.

Young Noah had previously been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida, where his parents reluctantly agreed, after being intimidated and threatened by establishment doctors, to have him undergo chemotherapy treatments. After just two treatments, Noah was declared to be cancer-free, in part due to his parents’ decision to supplement his conventional treatments with dietary, vitamin, and herbal interventions.

According to Noah’s mother, Taylor, because their son received this clean bill of health, she and her husband, Joshua, decided to stop his chemotherapy treatments and continue Noah on a natural treatment regimen for maintenance and prevention purposes. But All Children’s Hospital wasn’t okay with this, to which they responded by calling Child Protective Services on the family – opening up a Pandora’s box of persecution from which the family is still trying to escape.

As revealed by the Florida Freedom Alliance (FFA), current laws in the United States require that children under the age of 18 “undergo the full recommended treatment plan of the pediatric oncologist, regardless of the progress or desire for alternative opinions or treatments.” So even though Noah no longer has cancer, his cancer doctors are still insisting that he be treated with chemotherapy – apparently at gunpoint if necessary.

“Yes, children are being forced to continue undergoing toxic treatments even when their bodies are free of any cancer,” FFA says.

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Forced chemotherapy treatments violate constitutional freedoms and inalienable rights

Fearful about their son being forced to undergo more needless chemotherapy treatments for a cancer he no longer has, Taylor and Joshua reportedly fled the state and went to Kentucky, only to later be tracked down by law enforcement.

The medical police state proceeded to abduct young Noah from his parents, and return him back to Florida without his parents’ consent. But upon being readmitted to the hospital for treatment, it was once again confirmed that Noah no longer has cancer, and doesn’t need any more chemotherapy.

At the behest of All Children’s Hospital, a hearing was then scheduled, though the hospital fought to bar the press from covering it. FFA then issued an alert, warning about this unconstitutional attempt to silence the press, which resulted in the hearing be postponed.

When the hearing eventually occurred, the court decided that Noah should be placed into the care of his maternal grandparents – though he would still be in the official custody of the state during this time. Once in the care of his grandparents, Noah would then be allowed to see his parents, who prior to this were barred from having contact with their son.

The good news in all this is that, because Noah remains cancer-free, the court has not ruled that he should undergo any further treatments with chemotherapy. A third hearing has also been scheduled, which will allow time for Noah’s parents to have him evaluated by a specialist of their choice to gain a second opinion as to how to proceed.

“Cases like Noah’s are not uncommon,” says FFA. “The laws in this country surrounding pediatric cancer treatment are unconstitutional and violate not only the fundamental freedoms of the child, but the inalienable rights of the parents.”

Remember Cassandra C from Connecticut? This same thing happened to her

The whole situation is very similar to what happened to “Cassandra C” from Connecticut, whom we reported was also kidnapped by the medical establishment in her state and forced to undergo chemotherapy treatments.

In Cassandra’s case, because she was under the age of 18 at the time, the state refused to allow her to make her own medical decisions – even though she personally did not want to undergo chemotherapy. But her right to choose her own course of medical action was ultimately denied, also at gunpoint.

Young Noah, in other words, is just the latest victim of state-sanctioned medical kidnapping, which is becoming increasingly more common as the general public in the U.S. loses its grasp on health freedom, and relents to the forced medical interventions being pushed by the likes of Big Pharma and Big Vaccine.

“The government has no place mandating medical intervention, and this gross overreach of power should incense every citizen of this country,” FFA warns about where this country is headed if folks don’t stand up and say enough.

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